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European STS Manual for Drones

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The end of 2023 is approaching, and we need to be ready to fly throughout the EU. What do we need? 

European Drone Regulation, Now More European!

After several years of dealing with national regulations that haven’t made it easy for us to fly in different countries within the European Union, the long-awaited date is near: January 1st, 2024.

From this date onwards, the European Standard Scenarios (STS) will come into effect. It’s crucial that we have our manuals prepared to take advantage of all the possibilities:

    • We’ll be able to fly in all EU countries under STS Scenario

    • Training requirements will be the same for all EU countries, allowing all pilots to move around and perform work in a faster and simpler manner.

    • We won’t have to worry about adapting our drones to scenario requirements; we’ll only need to purchase the C5 or C6 aircraft we need or their conversion kits.

Get your European STS Manuals and unleash operations across all Europe!