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Drone News

After years of hard work, the Certification Body of EU Drone Port, has been designated as a Drone Notified Body!

Discover the main novelties of the new Royal Decree of UAS Spain.

Population Density Map

Explore drone safety with a Population Density Map in SORA assessments to secure necessary operational authorizations.

Drone in a box

Drones are a great tool for performing repetitive tasks thanks to the possibility of programming missions. Among many options, this type of mission can consist of carrying out infrastructure surveillance operations on a regular basis.

DJI has recently acquired class marking for its drones from the Mavic 3 Enterprise and Matrice 30 series. In this guide, we'll explain the process of how to request it!

Drone Delivery

Drone technology is advancing day by day and with it the possibilities of use. One of these possibilities is the delivery of parcels with drones, in other words: "Drone Delivery".

As you may well know, as of January 1, 2024, the use of drones with class labels (certified) is mandatory in the Open Category and in the European STS scenarios of the Specific Category. But what happens with those drones we already have that do not have a class label? Can they no longer be used? In this article, we will answer all the questions you may have so that you know how to use uncertified drones while complying with the regulations.

Drone Agriculture Spraying

For many years now, the use of UAS in the agriculture sector has been discussed, both for crop analysis through the use of multispectral cameras, but drones are also a perfect tool for applying phytosanitary products. In this article, we will explain what you need to fly a drone for the application of phytosanitary products in an agricultural environment.

When a UAS operator applies for a LUC, they must establish, implement, and maintain a safety management system that corresponds to the size of the organisation and the nature and complexity of its activities, taking into account the inherent hazards and risks associated with such activities.