A European Drone Hub for Testing, Certification, Training & Authorisations.

A place to test your drones, bring your UAS to market, obtain authorisations for your flights, and learn from the best instructors. 


We support Drone Operators & Manufacturers

Testing & Certification

Access our airfield, rent the hangars, use our workshops. Our technical, legal & business experts will be committed to the success of your development.

EU Drone Port - mini drone

Bring your drone to the EU market

– Drone Manufacturers: Testing, Conformity Assessment, Airworthiness Certification
– Drone Operators: Rehearse your operations in a controlled area
– European Consortiums: Evaluate and validate your prototypes or push them to higher TRH

Flight Authorisations

We generate the necessary permits & authorisations to make your flights 100% compliant. You focus on flying, we take care of the rest.

EU Drone Port - Airport tower

Make your flights compliant

– STS-01 & STS-02 Manuals
– Operational Authorisation
– Airspace pre-Coordination
– Flight Dispatching (coordinate every flight)


Get trained from experienced instructors who have trained +4,000 professionals from +100 nationalities. Enjoy our incomparable drone ground infrastructure & airfield in Barcelona.

EU Drone Port - Training

Drone Trainings

– EU Drone Pilot | STS | Specific Category
– Radiophonist
– Imagery Post-processing
– Use-case specific: precision agriculture, inspection, Search & Rescue, Humanitarian…


An International Drone Hub

EU Drone Port - Team

Experienced team

We've been in this industry before the word drone even existed. Our founders have trained +4,000 professionals from 100+ nationalities. We have spoken at multiple prestigious institutions around the globe.

EU Drone Port - Drone Port

Unique Drone Port

Our unique facilities, added to the sunny weather of Barcelona, and our partners, make this a singular place for drone testing, certification & training.

EU Drone Port - Happy Customers

Happy customers

Once they try us, they stay with us. The overall level of satisfaction from our worldwide customer is a 9,5/10.
Your happiness is our mission.


Latest News

Safety Management System for Drones - EU Drone Port

Safety Management System for Drones

When a UAS operator applies for a LUC, they must establish, implement, and maintain a safety management system that corresponds to the size of the organisation and the nature and complexity of its activities, taking into account the inherent hazards and risks associated with such activities.

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Class Label - EU Drone Port

List of Certified Accessory Kits C3 to C5 UAS

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has released new regulations that will require all accessory kits attached to a specific UAS operating in the European Union to be marked with a Class Identification Label from January 1st, 2024. The new regulation aims to improve safety and security in the airspace and enable authorities to identify the drone and its operator easily.

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Kit C3 to C5 - EU Drone Port

Kit C3 to C5

To be able to fly in specific category STS01 or STS02, it is necessary to have a certified drone. These drones must have the C5 or C6 class marking, but they can also be a C3 class drone with an accessory kit that transforms it into C5. In this article, we will talk about the accessory kit and what requirements it must meet.

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