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Kit C3 to C5

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To be able to fly in specific category STS01 or STS02, it is necessary to have a certified drone. These drones must have the C5 or C6 class marking, but they can also be a C3 class drone with an accessory kit that transforms it into C5. In this article, we will talk about the accessory kit and what requirements it must meet.

C3 to C5 Drone Accessory Kit

As we mentioned earlier, a drone can be directly certified as a C5. The basis for certifying a drone as C5 is based on a C3 drone with a series of additions in terms of performance and safety systems. For this reason, the regulations allow manufacturers to create kits to be able to transform a C3 drone into a C5.

What a C5 drone kit must meet

The accessory kit can only be used for drones that are not of the Fixed Wing type and in addition, the aircraft must have the necessary interfaces for its connection. Once the Kit is installed, the resulting C5 aircraft must:

  • Comply with all the requirements of a C3 drone, except those that are not mandatory for a C5.
  • It must have a signal link quality monitoring and alert system.
  • Have a safe flight termination system, which in the case of a C5 must be accompanied by an impact energy reduction system (for example a parachute).
  • A good User Manual that correctly describes how to install the kit, the necessary tools, and the procedures for its use.