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List of Certified Accessory Kits (C3 to C5 UAS)

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has released new regulations that will require all Accessory Kits transforming C3 to C5 UAS operating in the European Union to be marked with a Class Identification Label from January 1st, 2024. The new regulation aims to improve safety and security in the airspace and enable authorities to identify the drone and its operator easily.

Approved Kits

Here are the kits that already have been certified:


Kit Model NameAffected C3 UASManufacturer
Kronos ADDJI M350 RTK
DJI Mavic 3E
DJI Mavic 3T
DJI Mavic 3M
FlysafeM350 RTK
DJI Mavic 3E
DJI Mavic 3T
DJI Mavic 3M
Flying Eye

As shown in the table, these kits are designed for the UAS shown on the second column.

You can also see the list of certified drones and certified DRIs.

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