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Low-Speed Mode: How to Use C2's Low-Speed Setting for Precision Flying in A2

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The A2 subcategory of the open category is undoubtedly one of the most important for the development of professional activities. In this subcategory, we are allowed to fly Class C2 drones weighing up to 4 kg very close to people, provided that we use the drone’s low-speed mode. Let us explain how!  

Flight Distance from People in A2

In the A2 subcategory of the open category, we must maintain a minimum horizontal distance from people who are not part of the operation, which is 30 meters. This can certainly make it challenging to work within an urban area because ensuring that distance during the flight without obstructing people’s passage can be difficult.  

Low-Speed Mode for C2 Drones

For Class C2 drones, except for fixed-wing drones, regulations require the inclusion of a selectable low-speed mode that can be activated by the pilot. When the low-speed mode is activated, the drone must not exceed a speed of 3 m/s (10.8 km/h) at any time. This allows the horizontal distance to be reduced to 5 meters from non-participating individuals in the operation, making the operation much easier. 


The low-speed mode is undoubtedly a great option for working in areas where there are non-participating individuals in the operations, such as towns or cities. However, it’s essential to always be aware of the specific regulations in each country. Zoning is the responsibility of each country, and if the rules stipulate, for instance, a 50-meter distance from uninvolved individuals in urban areas, these requirements must be adhered to.