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Outsourcing Drone Flight Permits: Why It's the Best Option

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Flying a drone for commercial purposes requires obtaining a series of permits from the corresponding authorities. This process can be complicated and time-consuming, especially for those without prior experience. Therefore, many companies are faced with the decision to outsource the permit application process or do it internally.

Benefits of Outsourcing Drone Flight Permits

Saves time and resources

Outsourcing drone flight permists to third-party providers can save companies a lot of time and resources. The permit application processes can be complex and may take several weeks or even months to obtain the necessary approvals, including the need to create Operations Manual, Risk Assessments, and coordinations for flight in controlled airspace. By outsourcing this process, companies can focus on their core operations while the third-party provider handles the permit application process. This saves time, money, and minimizes disruption to daily operations.


Outsourcing drone flight permits to specialized companies ensures that experts with the necessary knowledge and experience handle the process. These companies have dealt with numerous clients and are familiar with the permit application process, which allows them to obtain approval more easily and quickly. This minimizes the chances of errors or delays that could arise from the lack of experience in the internal process.

Reduction of responsibility

Outsourcing drone flight permits also reduces the company’s responsibility. Third-party providers usually have insurance coverage that protects their clients in the event of any mistakes during the permit application process. This ensures that the company is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the application process.


Outsourcing drone flight permits is a smart option for companies that want to save time, resources, and minimize responsibility. By working with specialized third-party providers, companies can ensure that their permit application processes are handled by professionals with the necessary experience and knowledge. This results in faster approvals, fewer errors, and ultimately a better experience for the company. So, if you’re looking to obtain drone flight permissions for your company, outsourcing could be a good option.

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