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Validity of Operational Authorisations & Declarations

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When it comes to operating a drone in Specific Category, it’s important to understand the duration and validity of the Operational Authorisations and Operational Declarations.

Duration and Validity of Operational Authorisations

The competent authority, responsible for granting these authorisations, specifies their duration within the authorisation document itself. However, regardless of the specified duration, the operational authorisation remains valid as long as the drone operator continues to comply with the relevant requirements of the regulation and the conditions outlined in the authorisation.

In the event that the operational authorisation is revoked or voluntarily surrendered, the drone operator is required to provide a digital acknowledgment to the competent authority promptly. This acknowledgment confirms the termination of the authorisation.

Duration and Validity of Operational Declarations

Operational declarations, on the other hand, have a limited duration of two years. It’s important to note that if the competent authority overseeing the drone operator determines that the drone operation is not conducted in accordance with the operational declaration, or if there are significant changes in the conditions of the drone operation that render the declaration non-compliant with the applicable requirements of the regulation, the declaration will no longer be considered complete.

Additionally, if the competent authority is denied access to the necessary information or resources, it may also impact the validity of the operational declaration.



Operating a drone requires adherence to these rules and regulations, ensuring that authorisations and declarations remain valid throughout the specified periods.