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New Operational Authorisation Approved - Drone-In-A-Box

Drones have revolutionised the way various tasks are performed today, from surveillance to package delivery. With the advancement of technology, an exciting innovation that is in development is the possibility of performing autonomous or remotely controlled flights from a control center. This has become possible thanks to so-called “drone nests”, “drone-in-a-box” or “Drone dock” specially designed charging and resting stations for these unmanned aerial vehicles.

The move towards autonomous and remote drone flights through nests presents exciting but also complex challenges in terms of regulation. Aeronautical authorities face the challenge of adapting current regulations to allow for autonomous drone operation, which involves a change in the way these flights are authorised and regulated.

Recently, EU Drone Port achieved an important milestone by obtaining the first Operational Authorisation for the use of nest systems for a client. This has generated great expectations in the drone industry, as it represents a significant step towards the implementation of drone nests as a viable solution in the future.

Although regulation still represents a challenge for the implementation of drone nests and autonomous flights, progress in this direction could bring important advantages for the drone industry and society as a whole. The implementation of U-Space and proper regulation could allow drones to become autonomous systems that provide innovative solutions in various sectors, from logistics to service delivery and beyond. The future of drone nests and autonomous flights is promising, and it is exciting to see how this technology will continue to evolve and transform the way we operate with drones in our society.

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