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Heavy Lifter Operational Authorisation Approved

The Open Category limits the weight of our drone operations to 25 kg in A3 scenarios, as well as in the published STS-01, STS-02, and PDRA scenarios. Sometimes we find that this 25 kg limit is not enough to carry out our activities, such as:

  • Delivery of packages by drones

  • Spreading phytosanitary products by drones

  • Audiovisual productions requiring the use of large cameras

  • Drones intended for emergencies that need to lift heavy equipment

To fly these heavier aircraft, it is necessary to obtain an Operational Authorisation that describes the procedures to be followed, evaluates and mitigates the risk of operations, and demonstrates that the aircraft is completely safe.

Once again, EU Drone Port has obtained various Operational Authorisations for drones weighing more than 25 kg for various uses. These include authorisations for drones such as the FreeFlight Alta X with an MTOM of 34.86 kg for use in the film industry and drones weighing over 300 kg authorised to be tested at our test center. These milestones achieved demonstrate that European regulations are allowing the drone sector to advance, expanding the possibilities of use and opening up new business opportunities.

If you need to fly your drone weighing more than 25 kg, contact us and we will help you achieve your goals.

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