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Testing, Flight Permits... and Product Launch: The Journey of Unmanned Life's Drone

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Months of Preparation - Testing and Obtaining Flight Permits

Unmanned Life’s recent success story began at our facilities, the EU Drone Port, where they spent months meticulously testing their innovative ‘drone-in-a-box’ concept. The company, known for pushing the boundaries of drone technology, made full use of our cutting-edge facilities for rigorous trial runs, ensuring their drone was ready for a real-world scenario.

But our support extended beyond providing a high-tech testing ground. Navigating the complexities of drone regulations is a critical part of any successful drone operation. We took this challenge in stride, assisting Unmanned Life in obtaining the necessary flight permits. This holistic approach ensured that the drone was not only technically prepared but also legally cleared for flight.

The Product Launch with a Live Demo Flight

The culmination of Unmanned Life’s hard work and our comprehensive support was a live product launch in Barcelona. Attended by +50 keen participants, the event showcased a remarkable technological feat: a ‘drone-in-a-box’ flight, commanded via 5G from Barcelona’s city center, flying at the EU Drone Port (100km away).

This wasn’t your everyday drone flight. It was the result of careful preparation, innovative technology, and a pioneering vision. The successful journey of the drone, powered by 5G connectivity, bore witness to the potential of Unmanned Life’s technology and the importance of rigorous testing and regulatory facilitation. This event marked a significant milestone for Unmanned Life, an accomplishment we’re proud to have been a part of. As we continue our journey at EU Drone Port, we remain committed to enabling more such success stories in the future, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in drone technology.

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