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Drone Delivery

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Drone technology is advancing day by day and with it the possibilities of use. One of these possibilities is the delivery of parcels with drones, in other words: “Drone Delivery”.

Drone Delivery Use Cases

Drone Delivery has been used for years in different places where regulation is more flexible or practically non-existent, where the systems have been tested mainly for humanitarian aid uses, such as the transport of medicines or food, among other.

The evolution of UAS delivery technology

Thanks to all the tests carried out over the last few years, drones have been developed specifically for the transport of parcels. Among these drones, we can find alternatives such as multicopter, fixed-wing, or VTOL drones.

On the other hand, more generic aircraft capable of carrying up to 30 kg of cargo over a distance of approximately 15 km have appeared on the market. These drones are available for purchase for anyone wishing to undertake a drone delivery project, opening up new possibilities for this new business model.

Regulation for Drone Delivery

With the European regulation, there are ways available to develop any project, but it should not be forgotten that safety in operations must always be guaranteed. This is why, for the delivery of parcels with drones in urban areas, the requirements will have to be more demanding, as we will be mixing heavy drones with uninvolved people, increasing the ground risk. However, pilot tests have been carried out in some European cities where biological samples have been transported to hospitals, postal services, etc.

In order to extend solutions in urban areas, it will certainly be necessary to reach higher levels where UAS can be verified as safe, such as certification, and possibly to redesign cities, creating drone flight zones and logistics hubs.

Unlike the limitations on urban flights, the possibility of “Drone Delivery” in non-urban areas is much feasible, as there is no risk on the ground in urban areas. This opens up endless possibilities yet to be explored, providing solutions that will reduce costs in the logistics processes that are being carried out today.

What is needed to carry out Drone Delivery

To be able to carry out Drone Delivery it is firstly necessary to know whether it can be done through a PDRA or an Operational Authorisation. Both procedures are very similar, and in the case of PDRAs it must be ensured that the entire scenario is fulfilled. For this, it is essential to determine the initial concept of operation (ConOps), and to develop the entire authorisation based on this.

At EU Drone Port 🇪🇺  we can help you to carry out your Drone Delivery project, helping you from the initial phase in the definition of the ConOps, to the final phase of the Operational Authorisation, where you will get the permission to fly your new projecect.