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With the change in legislation and the entry into force of the European regulation, the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947, night flights have been made easier, requiring no Operational Authorisation by the CAA.

In which categories can I fly at night?

Currently, all categories of drones are allowed to fly at night, as long as the requirements of these categories are met.

For the open category no operational authorization or submission of an operational declaration by the UAS operator is required.

In the case of flights in standard scenarios within the specific category, the operational declaration must be submitted to the corresponding aeronautical authority.

For operations that do not qualify for a standard scenario, a flight authorization issued by aeronautical authority will be required, where the particularity of night flight will be specified in the ConOps.

What requirements do I need to be able to operate at night?

In accordance with the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947, in order to ensure the visibility of the aircraft during night operations, a green flashing light must be active.

This requirement is effective from December 2nd 2021 for the open category, and from July 1st, 2022 for the specific category.

Can I operate in controlled airspace at night?

If you want to operate night flights in controlled airspace, you must make sure that you are pre-coordinated with the service providers or any of the Military Air Bases. (This might vary from country to country, as some Member States do not require CAA pre-coordinations.)

This can be seen in point 2 of the documents, in the definition of the Concept of Operation (ConOPS) and Scope of Application.

Can there be restrictions in the different Geographic Zones?

In the flight preparation, you should consult the relevant ANSP to verify airspace restrictions. When requesting coordination or authorization to operate in these zones, it will be necessary to specify the operation time slots.

The possibility of night flights will depend on the authorisation or coordination established with those responsible for the area.

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